Honestly, I have not been shopping, or junking, locally for months. But last week I took myself for a little drive over to Thomasville, NC to the Chartreuse Barn. It’s been a favorite destination for years. Sometimes I find a treasure, sometimes I don’t. Regardless, the smiling faces and wonderful vendors are worth making the trip for a visit. The two barns are always stocked with treasures from near and far to suit many decorating styles.

Seems like I just posted about our den (see it here). On the mantel was a heavy, huge round gilded mirror. I have always liked it and had no plans to change a thing. Really!

Then, at Chartreuse, I spied a rustic gothic-shaped wooden piece and it just had to go home with me. Typical for our home at this point, if something comes in, something goes out. We have no garage, no basement, and every room is full. The wooden piece HAD to have a perfect place or else.

As luck would have it, that perfect place was on the mantel in the den. It fit exactly. So, meant to be. Of course, it needed stuff. What to add? What to delete? It was SO boring.

I stalked Amazon, because why not? There, I found the very skinny, heavy stainless steel planter. Perfect, and versatile, but now what?

Off to Home Depot to the tropical plant department and voila! The prettiest soft orange bromeliads. I squished the little pots into the planter and done.

What do you think? And what small home projects are amusing you during this miserable heat?

And now what do I do with the mirror? Stay tuned…