Wooden lantern with snake plants on kitchen counter.

I have finally arrived at my personal home accessory goal: if you don’t see it, we don’t have it! I am a former tiny accessories shop and large decorative painting studio owner. I love accessories. Scouring flea markets, barn sales, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, everywhere. Maybe I just like the final results when they are styled to my delight. They can be moved from room to room on a whim while in my jammies, coffee in hand, reading a pile of magazines.

Over the past year, and during COVID-19, I have whittled down my passionate collection to what you can see. We don’t have a garage, yay, or a basement, double yay, but we DO have an giant attic. Fortunately it is accessible by a pull-down door in the back hallway. Only items of a certain size can fit. But that is still a LOT.

Our two grown daughters are settling into their own precious homes, and, we have similar tastes. Therefore, I was able to pass on items I could live without. Now, when I visit them, I enter their homes where the décor reflects Mom. But I love that!

My other passion is plants. The ones I have discovered that I can actually grow: neon pothos, cactus, snake plants.

Adding Moroccan touches to my living room

They are like live, happy, breathing accessories. I never feel remorse when dragging home one more plant do you?

I do have a confession to make. Working at home, and since crazy triple-toe surgery this summer, I crave getting out of the house to barn sales.

Last weekend, at the monthly Chartreuse Barn in Thomasville, NC I bought this large wooden lantern. Who knows why. It spoke to me. I justified the not-expensive piece as one that we can use for my daughter Mia’s barn wedding next June. We can add mini lights, pine cones, glass balls, who knows what to it in an arrangement.

After I placed it here in the kitchen on Saturday, hubby walked in from playing golf and I heard him say, “That’s pretty, where did you get it?” Truly I almost fell off the couch!

After cleaning out the attic, kitchen cabinets, closets, and drawers (we have empty drawers!), I confess I am enjoying the mental uncluttering. We are using “the good stuff” regardless of the three rascally rescue kitties who have no regard for glass lamps, treasured pottery, or the good china. Three lamps down, one shattered pottery piece, and clawed leather furniture backs, I have made peace with imperfection: I am OK with a little loving damage. It’s life!

How about you? Is perfection a must in your home? Do you have a bulging garage? Or are you minimizing a bit like me?

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