My Living Room Update – A Teal Velvety Loveseat!

As a DIY paint brand tutorial blogger, my home changes often. Sometimes even daily. My hubby Steve can leave for work in the morning, and come home to an entirely new look designed for a photo shoot. Thank goodness he's a contractor and ongoing change is part of our life. My painted projects for several amazing brands (like Modern Masters, Royal Design Studio, Fusion Mineral Paint, Wood Icing, and more) all naturally become part of our home décor. Then...

How To Make A New Door Look 100 Years Old With Wagner Tools!

November 1, 2, and 3 were once-in-a-lifetime experience days for me and several other blogger/influencers who converged in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the first-ever Wagner Painting InSPRAYtional event, hosted by Wagner staff and style guru Matthew Mead, who many know through Wagner's FINISH magazine. Many thanks to Danielle at for shooting my photo. Mid-day on Day 1 we were all whisked to various, secret locations around the...

Join Me And These Pros At General Finishes Furniture Flippin’ Expo 2017!

Are you a furniture flipping nut like me? Would you like to be? Join a host of pros from General Finishes and the industry September 5 thru 7 in Indianapolis, Indiana! I have had my hands in all sorts of paint over the years - as a full-time faux finisher, a product merchant, and a DIY blogger for several fabulous brands. I am new to General Finishes, and beyond excited to discover new possibilities at this event. I am counting down the days to seei...

Upstyling Your Home With Matthew Mead – And Me!

Surprise! Coming soon to your favorite newsstand is Matthew Mead's newest brilliant endeavor, Upstyled Home Magazine. I just received my copy, and couldn't wait to sit down with Lacey Jane kitty and a cup of Joe to savor every lovely, super-styled photo, idea, and word. And yes, how cool is it that Matthew has included several of my favorite blog projects and home vignettes in his magazine. Along with one of my design idols and authors, Mary Emme...

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