Yes, our guest bedroom is the primary residence of our 15-year-old rescue kitty Julie, AKA Buggy Buggerson. She has self-quarantined to this comfort zone for a couple of years. Hubby and I have been empty-nesters for ages and we rarely have overnight company but, on occasion, Buggy will allow her favorite guests to invade her territory.

Since the kitty claimed this room for her own, it seems we are a decorating and styling team. I have noticed that Buggy’s style tends toward soft and cozy, especially Indian kantha blankets and pillows, Moroccan tassel blankets, and graphic black and white accent pillows. She selected an old ladder to showcase an Anthropologie wedding blanket, her fave orange color silk blanket, and oversized tassels.

This summer we painted the old beadboard headboard black. Buggy insists that the black coordinates with her fur, and brings out her striking green eyes. The new Moroccan lady pillow gave her a bit of concern. She felt that her fiercely-guarded territory was being invaded by a pretty girl with lots of jewelry. Bug’s solution was to nip the pillow girl with her teeth to let her know who’s boss. Issue avoided.

Buggy Buggerson’s go-to lazy napping spots are at the end of the bed and in the cushy old wooden box stuffed with linens and a furry sheepskin. Art preferences tend toward goofy smiley faces crafted by a local potter, Moroccan silver lanterns, East African baskets and one from South Carolina. She has quite eclectic taste!

Opposite the bed Buggy and I decorated with a selection of random treasures. More old trunks, a copper-painted star, a treasured glass art mirror by our friend Nancy Brooks of Sleepin’ Dog, an Moroccan tassels. The chippy old office door is a theme element used all over our home.

Our tiny chandelier featuring orange glass elements showcases Buggy’s girly side, and the orange pulls together the orange and copper colors throughout her room. We really like the wispy heavy linen sheers. They cast the prettiest glow.

Our old chest has been the subject of many painted furniture blog post projects. Now it sports a coat of the prettiest teal Fusion Mineral Paint. The mirror, a cast-off from who-knows-where, just needed some love in the form of gold leaf to glam up the room. Textured white walls were finished years ago, and add to the overall warmth of the bedroom.

Buggy and I are pretty pleased with this ongoing bedroom project. If you are a cat lover, you may even find it a great place to snuggle in with a good book and, most likely, several rescue kitties. Fellow felines Rusty Boy and Gracie Lee are allowed in when Buggy is in a rare good mood.

So what do you think? Do you have a special room shared by a beloved pet?

Stay tuned for more from the Hayes home!

6 thoughts on “Our Cozy Guest Bedroom For Humans And A Feisty Feline

  1. Buggy has impeccable taste! Her choices exemplify her gift for finding treasures and her knack for putting them together. She knows how to create the perfect room. Next time I style a space I might have to borrow her, if she is willing. That first photo says it all: this is HER space!! Meow to you Buggy.

  2. Love the colors. Would not have thought of painting the headboard black. It sure does pop the other colors in the room. Very nice.

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