Buggy Buggerson, our feisty 15-year-old tortoiseshell kitty, has claimed our one guest room for her personal feline space. Since we don’t have many overnight visitors, we love having her live there. However, over the weekend I made some changes to accommodate her occasional upset stomach issues. Previously, I had a lovely but delicate antique kantha throw on the bed, and a pure white fuzzy rug on the floor. They were perfect for the look I like, but did not clean up easily. So, I decided to create an ethnic decor guest room for this aging kitty.

Our daughter Mia, and new hubby Paul, are building a home and getting rid of this graphic, deep magenta purple dhurrie rug. Paul wasn’t a fan of the color, and normally I am not either. BUT I decided to make it work in Buggy’s room for now. I rummaged through a drawer full of linens and found this new kantha throw that has lots of the same colors as the rug. Both are much easier to clean which I love.

Somehow the colors of the blankets on the ladder, the old trunk, and my finds from a recent trip to Morocco all just work.

This cactus fabric from Marrakech blends nicely with the tiny pottery I found in a hallway display.

We have Pottery Barn jars filled with kitty food and water at the ready on this old dresser painted with Fusion Mineral Paint Renfrew Blue blended with a lighter blue color.

I have decided that when I like something, and I tend to like the same textures, colors, and vignette styles, it’s easy to pull together a room. Even when it’s a look I might not have wanted normally.

Buggy is healthy for her age. She just has a bit of arthritis that keeps her happily on “her” bed or “her” box on a soft fleece. We love her crabby, weird self, and if she’s happy, we’re happy!

What are you doing this weekend? I always have a project in the works, so stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Ethnic Décor Guest Room For An Aging Kitty

  1. Oh my – what a lucky kitty! Looks like Buggy approves of your decorating choices, but then why wouldn’t she? You both have great taste!

  2. Looks beautiful as I knew it would! The rug goes very well with the style of the room and the colors! Buggy seems to like it too!

  3. As we say in England, she’s a ‘naughty tortie’. That’s what they call Frida, here’s she’s a tortoiseshell not a calico. Glad that Buggy is happy in her refreshed digs, they look fab.

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