Old chippy red painted door.

Old doors, the crustier the better, show up in several areas in our home. Are you thinking, how could that possibly happen? And does my hubby understand my on-going addiction? Well, fortunately, yes. It all started many years ago…

In 2000 I quit my 18-year day job in the newspaper business to eventually pursue a full-time career as a decorative painter. Who does that? First, I worked for a year for The Brooks Group, a sales training company, in marketing, while I moonlighted as a painter at the High Point Furniture Market in showrooms. Truly, I had so much decorative painting business, one job had to go. Goodbye to marketing and hello to my new company Faux Design Studio. I attempted to work out of our home that has no basement and no garage. It was ugly! Tools, ladders, paint, project proposals everywhere.

I moved everything into a tiny former Mom-and-Pop drug store right near our home. It came complete with a drive-up window. Loved it! It was one big, open room with NO storage. So, one wet snowy day I ventured out to a local junk yard that featured hundreds of old doors. I slogged through the mud, flipping through decades of historical, ugly, and fascinating doors. I kept falling in love with one after another, peeling paint, old hardware and all. I created a pile of a dozen or more I could not leave behind.

Did I know what I was going to do with them? Well, of course not.

My elderly landlords were at the building when the delivery truck showed up. They were mesmerized. They scratched their heads, wondering what kind of kooky person had signed the lease. But! I had a plan and my contractor hubby showed up with a box of used door hinges. Together we made the coolest wall of old doors to divide my messy work and storage area from the cozy consultation section in the front.

Over 15 years, my decorative painting business grew and I moved to two progressively larger locations. My treasured funky and fascinating doors were always an integral part of the studio design.

Then. It was time to move my studio back home. I had accepted a marketing director position with an international paint brand. But the doors! I could not part with my babies. They were like family. (Sorry kids.)

I had planned to give up this peely orangy-red door. It stayed at the back of the driveway. It moved under the back door overhang. It stayed.

This door, devoid of almost all paint, was a donation from a designer friend. It lives in my office. Naturally a fab wood shutter, sporting lovely aging paint married the door. A Tuareg talisman from my trip to Marrakech in February (can you believe it) lives there now too.

A pair of barn doors, adorned with custom frosted patterns from Royal Design Studio, form a wall behind my desk in the office.

Our soon-to-be son-in-law Paul gave hubby Steve this artsy 3-D custom metal University of South Carolina logo. Where to hang it? It seemed lost on the white wall. So, naturally I added a black door with its original glass doorknob and brass hardware. It is an unused door from projects I worked on with super-talented stylist and photographer, Matthew Mead for Wagner Spraytech.

And, last, here’s my fave door of all. A very heavy, wide one with the street address number, and almost out of sight, a red “office” sign.

It lives in the guest bedroom with rescue kitty Buggy Buggerson. (She thinks it’s her personal suite.)

What do you think? Do the doors work, mingled with our home décor? Would you add doors to your home. Maybe one? I would actually like to use one as a REAL door. But not convinced it would look right.

4 thoughts on “How I Use Crusty Old Doors In Our Home Décor

  1. Love, love, love old doors and windows. Regardless of a home’s style they add instant history, interest, personality, and texture. Love the various ways you incorporated yours. Fabulous companions to your fabulous style!❤️

    1. Thank you Fifi! So hard to stop collecting old doors. I was so sad to have to get rid of a bunch when I moved my studio back home. Noticed one outside in your new post. Thank you for reading!

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