Ginger kitty with WW2 ammunition box.

My sweet Dad was stationed in the Air Force in Texas during World War 2. Now, he is in heaven playing a round of golf wearing his plaid pants and paisley shirt. For as long as I can remember he had this ammunition box, which hubby Steve says is from the Korean War based on the markings. I have no idea where Dad got it. See the Wikipedia description below.

When we moved from Massachusetts to North Carolina, Dad’s box hung in his little workshop, stuffed with tools and gizmos.

Flash forward to 2021, 30 years after Dad passed away. Purging all kinds of stuff from the attic recently, I uncovered the ammo box. Finding it was like a jolt of sweet goodness for me. I could swear it smelled like Dad’s pipe and aftershave.

I just had to do something with my found treasure. Honestly, I had to look everywhere around the house to find the perfect spot: our walls are all full of art, baskets, and bookshelves. In my studio I found the tiniest narrow wall. Years ago I had painted the wall with chalkboard paint, but then never really used it. So I primed and painted the wall. When it was dry I was just going to ask Steve to hang the box vertically in the narrow space. But, my project mind had to take it a step further. Hence, the little ammo box shelf.


Supplies Jack chain, eye hooks, small nail

Tools Nippers, hammer, drill, stud finder


Set up the box on a table so that the angle of the box and the lid is at 90 degrees so it will create a perfectly flat surface. (We propped up the box at the back to make it square for measuring.) Decide where you want the chain to be, measure it, and use nippers to cut it. Cut 2 pieces.


Use a small nail to tap in a pilot hole for the eye hooks. Twist the hook into the hole. If you have a curious kitty like Gracie Lee, she will surely supervise every move.

Repeat for all four hooks. Then open the last loop of each end of the chain. Loop the chain into the hooks. Use the nippers to close up the gap in the chain.



To hang the little desk on the wall, Steve measured to find the center of the wall and the center of the desk. We marked the top of where I wanted the desk to be, and he used a stud finder to locate the studs. He used two long screws to anchor the desk into the studs securely.

I cannot believe I waited so long to do something with this sweet little piece of history in memory of Dad. I know he is smiling down on us, pleased with the result.

The kitties love my studio, and they were active cheerleaders during this project! Here, Rusty Boy served as our ammo box guard for days, and he couldn’t wait to get started.

Gracie Lee enjoys the final result. Maybe because my work table is freshly papered and I’ve added pretty plants.

I’m sure I will find her knocking my little old Jeep off the desk any moment.

Stay tuned for more projects from the Hayes family and our rescue kitties!

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6 thoughts on “Turn A Korean War Wooden Ammunition Box Into A Little Desk

  1. Looks great, and lovely to have it where you can use and enjoy it! I think it’s probably already
    accessorised by lounging kitties? xo

  2. What a lovely way to honor your dad. Looks like it’s already kitty-approved. Rusty Boy seems very protective of it. How nice of Steve do put his skills to work and in doing so pay tribute to your daddy, not to mention that the ‘hanging desk” also provides storage and/or display. A winner on all fronts!

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