Adding Moroccan bling in any room is quite easy – just find one fabulous wedding blanket with lots of spangles and bling happens in an eye-popping flash!

Late one afternoon in the souks of Marrakech in February, the ladies of the Magical Morocco Girl Trip were queued up at the ATM and my eyes wandered to a tiny, but fabulous shop. From underfoot to way up high, there were THE BEST colorful wedding blankets. Not the antique kind, but new ones in chenilly-brights like my had-to-have teal choice.

Was this purchase planned? Well, no. I have several antique, neutral ones from previous trips. But finding a beauty like this one can be tough. In Marrakech, you might never see another one, or, you can turn the corner and find dozens. I bought the striped pillow to go with it, liking the combo of teal and orange-reds.

After we all arrived safely home, and the pandemic set in in a serious way, my hubby made this custom-sized art shelf over the bed. It features some of my artwork, my grandfather’s Canadian family tree, and a little art print from our whirlwind stop in Lisbon on the way home from Morocco. The art and accessories can change often, and I have the option to add three-dimensional treasures like the sea grass basket and gilded wooden letter. The Target tripod lamps make me so happy, too. They just work.

I chose heavy white linen sheers in this room because this side of our home sits beneath enormous trees making it dark on dreary days. They drape over the platform bed easily, leaving the perfect little gap for the kitties to bird watch.

Isn’t it crazy how one special piece in a room can make everything that was already there so much more special? My rustic paint-on-wood artwork, the striped basket holding a Mongolian throw, and several cherished pieces of North Carolina pottery just glow. And, our two cow-print chairs make me laugh every time I crawl into our cozy, blingy bed.

This was a long-exposure photo, so Rusty Boy looks rather ghost-like!

The polka dot rug, is yes, another “waiting for something” purchases. But, I tell myself, what’s not to love about a polka dot rug by the bed?

Once I’d purchased one rug, it just seemed right to add another with an abstract pattern. The old basket, just purchased locally at The French Farmer’s Wife fits right in beneath the teeny tiny bench.

On my dresser, I keep accessories to a minimum, I suppose to offset all of the busyness on the opposite wall. My rustic wooden tray reveals my weakness (yet another weakness) for Moroccan bracelets, also scored during the trip. The colorful ones I found as I leaned on the front counter of a very high-end linen shop while the ladies drooled over the custom goods.

While I am sharing my jewels, below is my upcycled jewelry box. It’s an old message board from a church, discovered at my favorite antique shop. I painted and distressed the outside white, and painted the inside black with Royal Design Studio metallic paint and stencil accents. I added a dowel for earrings, and cup hooks for necklaces.

Hubby’s dresser features family photos and golf. Perfect! Our furniture is all early-1980s Danish modern. It is teak, and though pretty at first, over the years it got progressively more orange. So, painting nut that I am, I painted it all with warm grey chalk paint, then added a white-washed layer of wax. Internet tutorials warn that teak is oily and cannot be successfully painted, however these pieces have weathered several years of wear beautifully.

Roses are everywhere in Marrakech. Adding a bouquet from our yard takes me back to our perfect adventure filled with laughs, sleeping in desert tents, learning to cook the cuisine, and shopping ’til we dropped. Soon after our return, the world changed as shelter-in-place was imposed.

Our master bedroom has become ever more special for its precious memories of Marrakech. Rusty Boy kitty claimed this room for his. He thinks teal goes nicely with his ginger fur.

If you missed my recent posts about my Marrakech adventures – tenting in the desert, learning to cook Moroccan cuisine, and moreclick here!

8 thoughts on “Moroccan Bling In Our Master Bedroom

  1. Just beautiful!! I loved your home when we shot it for Boho Style but I wish we could reshoot it! It was great before but now it’s even more spectacular.

  2. OMG that blinged out wedding blanket! Be still my heart!
    As if I didn’t already love your décor, Rusty boy adds a certain something to every room, doesn’t he?

    1. That rascally kitty knows what he likes. After he adopted us, he “liked” two gorgeous glass table lamps in the living room too much. No more glass lamps around here LOL.

  3. Rusty Boy looks happy with the teal blanket you got “just for him”! Ha. Your stories of shopping in Marrakech ring so true for shopping in so many places around the world. It’s the thrill of the hunt, and it’s more fun than the predictableness of chain stores. Also love the idea of colorful wedding blankets.

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