A new rug and white paint in the living room

A new rug and new white wall paint in our living room – what? Wait, I can explain!

Above is our former look. A plush rug I brought back from Marrakech years ago for my former decorative painting studio, and soft grey Benjamin Moore flat wall paint. I have loved this living room décor for years, and honestly there was not a thing wrong with it. It’s like a warm hug in the mornings, drinking coffee and reading my favorite magazines. But I’m willing to bet that you know that decorating itch that just happens. Here’s how a new rug that just happened begat new white paint on the walls.

Enter the rug – for only $111.04 I spied it on Amazon late one night while scrolling and watching a Netflix movie. Multitasking can get me in trouble. (Click on the picture to shop.)

What a deal. Here it is, two days later and I love it!

But I wanted to do more. As a painter, I was dying to paint SOMETHING. Triple toe surgery last summer kept me off the ladder for ages and it was time! So, off I went to purchase some Benjamin Moore White Dove flat paint. The furniture got moved to the center of the room, and with plenty of kitty supervision, I painted away.

I’m really happy with the soft new effect and how it accentuates the crusty columns, white couches, deep teal loveseat and our orangey-red textiles.

Rusty kitty especially likes how all of the black accents and sparkly Moroccan tote pop out. Who knew he would even notice!

For about five minutes as I was painting I contemplated painting over the 100-year-old original finish on the green cabinet. Truly, the high altitude on the ladder affected my judgement. What was I thinking?

Even though there isn’t any other bright green in the room, or in the nearby kitchen, to coordinate with this cherished green piece, the neon green plants are enough to pull it all together for me.

A new rug and white paint in the living room

(The fuzzy kitty in the bowl on the kitchen table takes it all in stride. If I’m happy, she’s happy.)

So there’s my latest project. What are YOU up to this summer?

(Did you miss my posts? Our daughter Mia got married in early June, and we are just now getting back to normal. I cannot wait to show you the pics that I am waiting for not-so-patiently.)

Stay tuned for more, more, more!