Adding Moroccan touches to my living room

I have heard it said that if you have three of something, it’s a collection. So, I realized over coffee here in our living room this morning that I have a collection of crusty old columns. Certainly, I have no idea how that happened, because it was not a conscious decision to seek them out.

That said, bought over time at barn sales, architectural salvage stores, antique shops and flea markets, these lovelies ended up gracing opposite sides of our living room.

On the left side, paired with a large white juju hat from Cameroon and a lamp made of capiz shells, there is a tone-on-tone low-key texture that I think works together nicely. Very low key.

See how the columns add interest to what would be a bland corner?

On the right side, I have had this high plant stand made of rustic twigs for ages.

It seems to pair well with the columns behind, while adding a big pop of my favorite green pothos plant. You’ll notice how dramatically crusty some of the columns are. They always seem to be the least expensive. I’m guessing because most folks are looking for the more perfect ones, like the typical white one on the left.

In our funky and Moroccan-inspired master bedroom I have a added a pair of matching short columns that I discovered at our local barn sale, Chartreuse. I placed them in each back corner near the windows. Here’s a shot of the left side that is my favorite.

Here’s a closeup of the column on the right side of the bed. So amazing to find two matched finish, size, and height columns. Deciding as I write this that there must be a unique idea for using these two in a more exciting way. Something to ponder.

I hope I’ve inspired you to be on the lookout for old columns to add to your home. They are the perfect solution for adding interest to a boring corner. If your style is not as rustic as mine, you can hunt for some with full coats of white paint, or you can paint them to suit your décor.

What do they cost? Mine varied between $50 and $100. Be sure to check the base at the very bottom for rot or an uneven cut. My hubby has cut off a couple for me so they would stand properly.

So, what item do you have that turned into a collection? I would love to hear from you, and see photos!

P.S. Rascally Rusty Boy reminded me before this nap that we have three adorable rescue kitties. So, there’s yet another collection, LOL.


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4 thoughts on “Old Columns Add Texture And Interest To Our Home Decor

  1. Love it all and so glad the kitties are included. Columns and decor are fab but without kitties (or doggies) a house is not a home. Yours has it all! xoxo

  2. I collect kitties and doggies, too!
    And am thinking about a collection of baby goats…in the future.
    Meanwhile, I collect beautiful feathers and display them in my collection of silver loving cups.
    Significantly less work than the other collections…

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