Painting the inside of our front door black.

If you have been following along here on the blog, Steve and I have been removing all of the carpet throughout our home because – drum roll – there are hardwoods underneath! While shooting photos during the process I realized that our front door just blended in to our very long, wide entry hallway. So, rather exhausted from pulling carpet and nails and staples, I decided to undertake a quick project that would provide almost immediate satisfaction – painting the inside of our front door black.

Over the holidays we replaced all of our hardware. It was 1990s brassy-gold, so we installed matte black. We moved here 30 years ago and all of the hinges had been painted over. Removing them and repairing the doors and trim was more than we wanted to undertake so we opted to leave them white like the doors.

I had NO idea when I order all of the black hardware that I would decide to paint the front door black. So, for now we have black hardware on black paint. No worries, that can be resolved another day, right?

I have seen the interior side of front doors painted lovely colors in magazines which was my inspiration for this project. But since we have a lot of colorful rugs and artwork in this hallway, I went neutral. How about your house? Is this an update you would make?

One consideration before you purchase paint is what type of paint is already on your door. Ours was painted with oil back in the 1970s (ugh). I could have painted it first with oil-based primer, then painted a water-based paint on top to convert it. But no, I was in a hurry.


Don’t guess whatever you do! If you paint water-based paint on top of oil, it will eventually peel right off. No fun. So, use some mineral spirits (paint thinner) on a rag and wipe the door. If paint comes off, it is oil. You can also use some denatured alcohol on a cloth to wipe the door. If nothing comes off, the paint is oil. The secret is – mineral spirits is the solvent for oil paint and denatured alcohol is the solvent for water-based paint.

Let’s paint!


1 quart of black paint. I used Sherwin-Williams in satin

A 2″ or 3″ paintbrush made for the type of paint you’re using

Painter’s tape

Drop cloth


STEP ONE – Remove the hardware or tape very carefully around it.

STEP TWO Put down a drop cloth. (I also put our rambunctious kitties in our guest room. Imagine black oil paint all over the house!)

STEP THREE Paint in the panel edges.

STEP FOUR Paint the horizontals.

STEP FIVE Paint the verticals.

Although the paint coverage was amazing for the first coat, I was painting black over white. So, I let this coat dry overnight, and painted another coat the next day. Once dry I removed the tape and cleaned up.

What do you think? To me, the black coordinates with the black African mud cloth, the kitchen chairs, and the picture frames.

You can see the other end of the hallway where we are still in mess mode and the floor has not been sanded. I know it will end, I keep telling myself.

Stay tuned for more (very exciting) painting projects around our home, coming soon!

Curious about removing carpet on top of hardwoods? Check out last week’s post here.

11 thoughts on “Painting The Inside Of Our Front Door Black

  1. That front door looks so perfect with your hall decor. I am preparing to have my public areas of the house repainted as well as the exterior. I’m really struggling with color choices.

  2. I like it and I even don’t mind the black hardware. Maybe live with it for awhile. You may not need to change it after all. It does look great in the hall with everything else. Good lu k with the floors. That is a huge job.

    1. Hi Darlene! Thank you. Sometimes I just need to live with something, like you say. At this point, I like the black hardware. We have 2 more rooms to remove carpet in. Taking a breather.

  3. My favorite part is the rails for pics in the hallway! How unique, and so easy to rotate them around without new nail holes! What a fabulous look!

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