Chartreuse barn sale booth with orange mums in an old wheelbarrow.

Last week on the blog I shared my love of old doors and how I decorate with them around our home. The same day that I posted that story I decided to ride over to the Chartreuse barn sale in nearby Thomasville, NC. A glorious crisp fall day with blue skies overhead, it was the epitome of barn shopping days.

Immediately my eye spied wonderful rustic doors, full of crusty character everywhere. My mind was spinning with possibilities! There was a set (see it above standing up), a matched pair already hinged. Awesome for a sliding door in someone’s farmhouse-style home.

Then, there were the actual barn doors that I had to swoon over. The ones I treasure in my home office are very similar.

My shopping friend Kathy and I always love to get inside each booth and discover individual items. Due to social distancing, it was difficult to shoot photos around the crowd in the main barn where several of my fave vendors sell their wares. Not to worry, I did manage a few pictures in the second barn.

Over there, I was naturally drawn to the lovely outside lighting, particularly shining on florals like these dried hydrangeas.

There were lots to choose from, plus pampas grass, but we have a plethora of oakleaf hydrangeas and grasses in our yard, so I moved on.

Fabulous booth styling just sings to me. Often, viewing the booths themselves is more exciting to me than shopping. For example, the simplicity of the Heart & Oak booth shiplap wall and the display made me stop in my tracks. Every item was treated as important as the next.

Just beyond, showcasing small items was the Songbird Designs booth which also caught my eye. Another passion of mine is a great cubby akin to the one in my home office. I can assure you, I stood there contemplating how this one could fit in our house. But no go.

In the next booth, the plain vertical lighting and the symmetrical styling completely pulled me in. I stood there wanting to purchase the little trike having no little children or grandbabies, or the perfect spot to display it.

Normally when I go junking I am either shopping or shooting blog photos. On this day my plan was to shop. But no. I would plop my phone into my purse and a second later I would drag it back out. Because of this electric blue wheelbarrow featuring a massive orange mum in an old metal bucket.

Yes, and this. More of the same booth, Back at Momma’s Antiques.

My almost purchase of the day was this old wooden stop sign. I am still regretting that it did not come home with me. However, my barn shopping rule, that I sort of stick to, is the item has to have a specific place. I have to get rid of something in order to buy something else. Ugh. Taking my chances this beauty will be there next time.

All in all, a wonderful visit. I bought an old building letter, and Kathy found a perfect sake jug for her hearth. Upon leaving, we were greeted by yet more fab doors like this one that is still on my mind, calling my name.

A couple of my very favorite finds from past Chartreuse shows are this lantern I use in the kitchen…

Wooden lantern with snake plants on kitchen counter.

And, this huge round clock face. So glad I did not leave them behind!

Photo courtesy of Chartreuse

If you are within driving distance of Thomasville, North Carolina, the Chartreuse Barn Sale happens on the first weekend of each month, Thursday thru Saturday. Owner Steve Lynam is a treasure, always sporting a big smile and good conversation. Plus, there are happy helpful hands available to load up your goodies.

Follow here on Facebook to get directions and future show dates.

Hope to see you there. You will find me gazing at the old doors.

4 thoughts on “Shopping The Chartreuse Barn Sale

  1. I love reading your writings. You see and talk about so many things that I always miss in my haste. I’m always in a hurry. BTW-that door is amazing. I’ve dropped over it myself.

    1. Thank you Daryl! I used to be a small shop owner of Feather Your Nest, with three friends. One was so into great display and I learned to do it and appreciate it from her. Always like seeing your booth. Thank you for reading!

  2. I am green with envy! How fun to be able to go to such a fabulous place. It’s probably a good thing I am too far or else I would be wanting to bring home sooo many treasures! Thanks for the virtual tour. Took my mind off pressing things. xoxo

    1. Hi Fifi! I so love local barn sales. Just the pretty fall drive and lovely settings take me away from the world. Getting ideas from the booth vendors inspires me, even if I am not always a big purchaser. XOXO

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