I am easing back to work after foot surgery and excited to share my recent skinny cabinet find for our unusual entry hallway. I wrote about our courtyard entry that features an odd long but wide hallway a few weeks ago. Since then I have had NO conscious intention of shopping for anything new. But, one day I woke up and realized my driving days were about to end for a few weeks. Off I went to my favorite stop near the High Point Furniture Market, Blue Ocean Traders.

I didn’t need one thing, so my intention was to get out of the house, get some steps in while I could, and just see what they had. Blue Ocean Traders’ Gypsy Marketplace is a large warehouse where interior designers and retail buyers can shop “cash and carry.” Between markets, it is open randomly to the trade for wholesale purchases.

Here’s my find, nestled between two crusty pieces. A super-narrow solid wooden cabinet with gilded lettering, in the style of an old store. It was made in India, so not authentic, but I really fell for it. It’s not often that I can find a piece that will fit in our long hallway that is functional, suits our style, and unusual.

So exciting! It is fitted with heavy-duty hardware to mount it on the wall, but I liked the option to style the top with some of my photos, and add a favorite artsy basket I bought at a local art gallery ages ago.

I have never been a fan of small decorative items, so I don’t have lots of treasures to put into the cabinet just now, except for a few African raku animals.

I added the tall snake plant from another room, liking the look of something bulky and green. By coincidence the other narrow, but crusty, cabinet to the right is also from Blue Ocean Traders.

It does not take a lot to keep this girl happy. I don’t need a garage, a basement, or a McMansion, but I do love a great find for a difficult-to-decorate space.

So, what have you discovered this summer for your home? It has been such a weird junking, barn sale, shopping-for-decorating COVID-19 year. Would love to hear of your favorite ways to find great pieces, and to see what they are!

By the way, stay tuned for a workshop I am developing on reverse-painted, or verre églamisé, glass!

10 thoughts on “My Skinny Cabinet Find For Our Narrow Hallway Entry

  1. I love both hour cabinets but the skinny one is so perfect. I agree finding the perfect something for a difficult spot is so fulfilling! Lol! I haven’t been out shopping much but have scored a few fun chairs and ottomans on Marketplace!

  2. You make me want to get up and go hunting. Haven’t done so in a long while. Thanks for the inspiration and I’m glad you are getting back on your feet.

    1. Hi John! It is possible there is another in Kentucky at the Blue Ocean Traders headquarters. I think their minimum order is $750, and not sure what shipping to CA might be. They have a lot that you might like for your shop. Check out their website!

  3. Probably my most favorite find is the pair of wooden Burmese rain god and goddess statues we found in Thailand and turned into lamps. They are used in Asian countries to ask for rain for the rice paddies. That was years ago. This summer, I have barely left our neighborhood and feel severe case of wanderlust. So far the Rx is YouTube videos!

    1. Wow Deb, would love to see those lamps. I feel so fortunate to have been to Morocco this year. Going to have to savor it for a long time. I have been to a favorite monthly barn sale but it is almost too hot to enjoy. Ready for fall.

  4. What a perfect find! I bet if you had set out looking for such a piece it would have eluded you. It so often happens that we find the right item while not searching for it. It couldn’t be a better fit for that spot.

    1. Hi Fifi, do you ever feel like a shop calls your name and you just have to go there? That’s kind of what happened with this piece. I was surely not looking for anything for that space.

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