If you’ve been reading along here on my newest blog journey, you know that we live in an updated 1977 ranch home. We’ve lived here for 30 years, and contractor hubby Steve and I have made some amazing changes in some rooms, and not so much in others. Take our master bath. We could have turned its miniscule self, with no window or special features, into a closet. Then we could have broken through the wall to the nearby small fifth bedroom to create a fancy bathroom with all of the amenities everyone on Pinterest seems to have. But no. We did not.

You see, we are not fancy, McMansion, must bathe in an enormous tub to savor an hour-long spa experience kind of couple. For many years, Steve built huge, fabulous homes and I was a full-time sub-contractor decorative painter. Coming home to the little girls, a hot meal, and a quick shower was all we craved.

We did manage a few tiny touches in this room nevertheless. If you have ever lived in an older home, you remember the pull-out mirror-type medicine cabinet. Yup, very functional, but not so pretty. I had a brainstorm years ago and we removed those ugly things. Then Steve framed in the remaining hole. In this one, a added some texture, then gold-leafed the back wall to bling it up.

Now I rotate small artwork like this piece, a treasure I picked up one night in Barcelona after a lovely dinner featuring flamenco dancers. Mr. Cat is a raku statue I commissioned from a local pottery master, Steve Cannon, to celebrate our kitty-in-heaven, Oreo. Odie, our sweet tuxedo cat, left home one day after 11 years with us and never returned.

I always hated the original, low and plain vanity cabinet and vowed to do something about it. Fortunately, a neighbor friend and I never missed the huge Hillsville, Virginia antiques and flea market on Labor Day weekends. So, one year I measured the maximum vanity area width and magically found this folksy wooden cabinet. It was red brown natural wood so I added the soft gold and silver metallic stencil pattern and a heavy-duty protective clear coat. Steve fitted it for the sea glass sink and hardware and I have loved it since.

Naturally, I have added artwork of my own, a fun stenciled-canvas project for PaintAndPattern.com.

In February I visited Lisbon, Portugal on a stopover on the way home from Marrakech. There, on a blustery-cold day with crystal blue skies, our group visited several galleries that just spoke to me. At one I chose this print, named by the artist, “Portuguese Internet.” It still cracks me up every day.

We also visited the studio of découpage artist Philippe Patricio. Philippe was a delight, and I loved his sense of humor. Clearly he is a kitty lover, and his prints tell all about cat personalities. Follow on him on Facebook to see his other works too.

Of course, the floor was yucky vinyl. It had to go. After I saved some pennies I hired our master tile-setter Tony to install tumbled marble in multi-color, earthy tones. He added the square clips of shiny glass, which is my absolute fave detail. A Pottery Barn basket under the vanity stores rolled-up bath towels.

Well, that’s the entire tour! Do you have a tiny master bath, too? Are you craving a fancy renovation, or are you a bit like us – happy with what you have? Either way, I’d love to see your bathroom magic.

Finally, we are loving that our neighbor, Marsha, scattered zillions of zinnia seeds in a large flowerbed between our driveways. Now there are hundreds of my favorite hot-colored blossoms for the picking. And perfect to grace this teeny bathroom.

Stay tuned for more from the Hayes home!

8 thoughts on “Styling Our Miniscule Master Bath

  1. You could make a shoebox look glamorous. It’s in your DNA!! Your sense of space shines, the colors sing, and the textures keep everything down to earth. Such harmony and…fun! Love it all.

  2. Lovely, Deb!
    I see you are as talented in restyling bathrooms as you are in designing blogs —
    not to mention decorative painting!
    Truly a Renaissance Woman..

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