This is my last post about my visit to the High Point Furniture Market in October. Due to the pandemic it was very calm and I could linger in front of pieces and vignettes like never before. I was tagging along with my interior designer friend Sandra so I didn’t need to focus on shopping, just fun eye candy.

The artwork above at Nest stopped me in my tracks. The decorating world went all black and white and farmhouse for awhile, so the artwork style and color on the warm golden wall jumped right out and I realized how much I have missed bright colors. In the Mercana showroom there were these cool robots, perfect for kids and adult rooms.

Hung among the industrial and farmhouse décor, this giant image of a red barn made me walk right over and peruse every piece. Who knew I was attracted to red barns? It proved to me that one great focal point can pack a punch in a room.

Contrary to my new-found passion for color in art, at Uttermost this wall installation of fabulous black and white baskets made me stand there and contemplate where in our home I could duplicate the look. Sadly all of the baskets were sold, and of course, we have 1970s eight-foot ceilings. But a smaller version of this look is totally possible at our house.

And then I remembered taking these shots in Mercana, all black and white patterns and traditionally-influenced fruit images. This look, and these pieces, would work perfectly at our house, mixed in with brighter focal-point art.

Over at the free-standing Circa Loft building the rustic wooden chairs and piles of metal stools grabbed me. What is it about them? Thinking about our home, I realized it is the rustic wood and metal, along with my love of a good, simple display.

See what I mean? Seeing a lot of an item at once makes me start visualizing the possibilities. These post/columns scream mantel parts and cased-opening embellishments.

A grouping of natural wood caddies makes them important. And old silk screens hung in a group make them much more special than something to discard when the job is done. Those rustic Christmas trees, wow! I am not a big holiday decorating nut, but several of these on a table or mantel with a bit of fresh greenery and done. A lovely, unexpected pattern in repetitive wood doors make art, just leaned up against a wall. (Remember my post about doors as décor?)

No matter what your style or budget, you can’t help but find inspiration at the enormous High Point Market. It is to the trade only, meaning wholesale pricing, meaning interior designers and buyers for stores large and small around the world can purchase. So I hope you’ve gotten an idea or two from my post shares in the past three weeks!

Of course, I had to jump online and find a few retail-priced items once this trip inspired me. It’s time to create my Christmas secret Santa list.

Here are some treasures from Mercana you can buy right here!
And here are some goodies from Uttermost!

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NOTE: I hope I have attributed all photos to the correct showroom. If not, please contact me and I will update.

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  1. So glad you stopped by Circa Loft. The owner adn many coworkers are long time friends. We have secveral pieces in our home. So do our adult kids. We love their furniture and products.

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