Rusty floral metal mirror in powder room.

A couple of Saturdays ago I got up and decided out of the blue to do a tiny powder room update. How tiny is our bathroom? If anyone gains a pound, they’re out of luck. Imagine a laundry room as you come in the back door in our 70s ranch home. Now image a bathroom within it. There you go. I never appreciated this oddity until we had little girls running in and out of the house. And adults on the deck who had been drinking beer while babysitting barbeque.

Rusty reproduction dairy signs from Blue Ocean Traders.

So, the white plaster became flat green paint, accented with my acrylic portrait of our beloved kitty-in-heaven Lacey Jane. Plus rusty crusty old (but really new) signs from Blue Ocean Traders to complement the real rust metal custom mirror and sconces.

Our fab mirror and sconces were made to order by a magical artsy metal guy, aptly named Iron Man. I was doing faux finishes in a million dollar mansion show home, and designer Lori Gray of Lori Style Design had matching rusty, scrolly mirrors made for the master bath. When they were for sale at the end of the show I wanted one badly. But our powder room was was too small. So Iron Man made one with sconces to match!

Ages ago I could not find a towel bar to suit my decorating weirdness, so I rooted around in my studio and found two brackets and painted them bronze. Then I took a walk around the yard looking for the perfect stick to break, just right, to lash onto the brackets with green raffia.

So, why did I choose green – Sherwin-Williams Great Green? My theory is, when you leave the powder room and enter the kitchen you see this:

Wooden lantern with snake plants on kitchen counter.

And this:

Adding Moroccan touches to my living room

And our front door looks like this:

A gallery wall of foil artwork and a chartreuse door in a hallway.

So green made sense.

Oh, I know it’s time to get a move on and decorate for the holidays. But I can procrastinate just a few more days. Does this adorable little tree from The French Farmer’s Wife count? I think so. It is perfect!

  1. Painted a leafy green to warm it up from stark white.
  2. Added rusty old-looking signs over the throne to complement the rust mirrors and sconces.
  3. Made a towel bar from rescued brackets, a stick from the yard, and green raffia.
  4. Commissioned an artsy rust metal mirror and matching sconces.
  5. Used orange towels, a complementary color to the green, to coordinate with the rust and the signs and the rest of the house.

Yes, this tiny rustic powder room still needs another update. The 70s-height, dated countertop needs to go. And with it, the too-low cabinet. A project for another day when hubby isn’t swamped with contractor projects for clients.

Insert the story about the cobbler’s kids going without shoes. Kidding, I am a happy camper.

What are you up to this weirdly wonderful December?


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