Upcycling an old white cupboard.

This giant old TV cabinet was what I was using to store paint. It was free, and came from a show house event I did years ago. It was a monster, and it made the room seem tiny. And it needed to go. But. It was SO huge and heavy that I could not even imagine how to get it out of our home. My back hurt just thinking about picking it up. And scuffing my Venetian plaster and stenciled hallway walls.

Then, I wandered over to my favorite monthly barn sale at Chartreuse in Thomasville, NC. Truly, out of the corner of my eye I spied this piece at the back of the adorable spring-styled booth.

It wasn’t until I arrived home later that day that I put two and two together. This is the smaller, perfect paint storage piece I craved. The sweet vendor, Back At Momma’s, arranged to sell it to me. She even found a buyer for the monster piece and the buyer moved it for me. It was meant to be! Onward, and here is how Steve and I ended up upcycling an old white cupboard which appears to have hung on a wall.

When I began to load up the piece with paint I had to crawl on the floor to see the back of the bottom shelves. What a pain. I ran to Home Depot looking for wooden feet to add to the bottom. No luck. Then I had a stroke of, well, brilliance. Steve to the rescue! He made a 5 1/2″ tall box, just larger than the bottom of the cabinet to appear like there was a plain decorative edge there.

Can you believe it – the color white was even similar. No painting. The box is a bit more perfecty, but I will scuff it up over time for sure.

Now, I have stocked this cupboard full of my favorite paint, and I can see everything.

The studio seems so much larger. I can paint away, and, while paint is drying, read a fave home décor book in my wonderfully old and worn leather chair. Another junking treasure.

If you like our our old white upcycled cupboard project, there are lots more projects here on the blog! Check them out and let me know what you’re up to at your house.

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  1. Hmmm. I have a cabinetry very similar to yours. Now you have me thinking.
    Yours turned out very nicely.

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