Some weekends I find it fun to challenge myself to create something from items crammed into my studio closet that I saved “in case I need it some day.” I bet you have a similar stash of favorite stuff too. Last weekend I decided to frame something in this old gilded piece from a yard sale. It’s been sitting on my dresser, empty, forever. I looked in a drawer full of treasured fabric and found this black mudcloth, and then – hooray – a scrap of white mudcloth.

Then, of course, I needed glass to fit and a mat. I robbed the glass from another old frame, and bought the double white/black mat at Michael’s. Perfect!

Here’s how to do it.

Cut an old piece of foam core to size as a base.

2. Line up the black mud cloth on the foam core.

3. Place the white mud cloth in position.

Use a sticky roller to remove any fuzz and fur. Mine was covered.

4. Place the mat and clean glass on top.

Flip it all over, and mark the excess black fabric with a white pencil. Cut excess fabric off. Then lay the gold frame upside down and put the fabric/mat/glass sandwich in the framing grove.

5. Secure the sandwich in place.

Mine was pretty fat, so I used some small nails and hammered them in place.

And look!

I was on a roll, and found a black frame and more unusual mudcloth I just bought at the June High Point Furniture Market:

I love the new layered photo look, and the black and white pottery, along with the scene just opposite. Don’t laugh. We are still removing carpet in one room in the house. This bed is so complicated to take apart, we just cut around it until it’s time to finish the floors.

What are you doing this Fourth of July holiday weekend? We are cooking out with family, and I have a fab pile of books and magazines to enjoy. Yes, with wine.

Stay tuned for more projects coming soon!

2 thoughts on “Use An Old Gilded Picture Frame For African Mudcloth

  1. We love repurposing old frames from tag sales. Very inexpensive, paint frames, even paint mats, clean up glass, and we’re good to go! Hang ‘em high you can’t tell!!! The cheaper we go, the happier we are and they look fab!!! With Bob’s photography and my paintings, we go through gobs of frames!! Hobby Lobby used to cut mats with 40% discount coupons and stopped doing it! Oh pooo!❤️

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